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Too busy to exercise?

Exercise is important to stay physically and mentally fit. All forms of exercise help us maintain our fitness, from running, dancing, weight lifting, and even stretching, the more we incorporate physical activity into our lives, the better for our health.

Let the Time Cube help you easily make exercise a regular routing. With no buttons or dials to set, it is the perfect timer for all of your workout needs. From cardio to strength building, the Time Cube is the best tool to help you incorporate exercise into your day and manage your workout regimen effortlessly. Just turn the cube to the preset interval side needed, and turn it back when time is up!

Are you swamped today and only have 10 minutes to exercise before your next call? Quickly flip the Time Cube so that the 10 faces up, and get to it. Do you have a thorough workout program involving numerous sets and reps with 30 second breaks in between? Just fix the Time Cube so that 30 faces up and catch your breath. The Time Cube will beep when the countdown has finished and lets you know when its time to move on to your next challenge. Its that easy.

No matter how busy you are, there’s always time to fit in a little bit of exercise into your day. Recent studies have found that short, intense exercises are just as effective as traditional workouts.

Stop worrying about time and get fit with the Time Cube!

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Is one minute of exercise all you need?

By Carina Storrs, for CNN

If someone told you that you could get a full workout in the same amount of time it takes you to make a cup of tea or take out the trash, would you believe them?

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