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BT-USB-AA - Convert 4 AA batteries into instant iPhone or Android power 100%

  • Instant Power to your iPhone Android
  • Converts 4 AA batteries into USB power without waiting
  • Use your iPhone cord to connect to this USB Power Bank
  • Plug and Talk- no waiting time
  • Ready for world travel-no need to worry about difference of sockets
  • Low Tech Solution to a HiTech problems

Our Price: $20.00

LED-90 - Sentina Stick-On Motion Sensor Light with Bracket

  • Motion activated Smart LED light
  • Great for Seniors and Family with Children
  • Compact for Travel - Hotel Room Lighting
  • Auto Shut Off in One Minute
  • AAA X3 batteries not included
  • One set battery lasts a year
  • Hands Free Lighting System for SmartHome
  • Splash Proof for Front Door Backyard even Outdoor
  • Comes with Wall Mount Bracket

Our Price: $22.00
Sale Price: $20.00

LED-76 - LED Waterproof Light and Beacon Flare with Magnetic Base & Bike Mount

  • Waterproof Safety LED light
  • Magnetized base-Hands Free Task Lighting
  • Outdoor Safety Red Flash light to get attention
  • IPX-7 (JIS Class 7) 10 ft Waterproof
  • Comes with Bracket for BikeMount or Camping Poles
  • Perfect for Outdoor Safety Multi Purpose Lighting

Our Price: $18.00


LED-48 - Safety LED light for outdoor life-Walker Biker Jogger

  • Safety Bike Light
  • 360 degree of visibility
  • Built-in Reflector to get attention in the dark
  • Splah Proof
  • Comes with Bracket for Bike or Camping
  • 2 AAA batteries -not included

Our Price: $14.00


LED-25 - Super Bright LED Light Stand for Travel

  • Perfect Travel Companion -Pocketbook size LED Light
  • Hands Free LED Light Stand
  • Energy Saver Reading Light or Computer Lighting
  • Baby Diaper Light without waking the baby up
  • Lift to turn on- Close to turn off
  • AAA X 2 not included

Our Price: $13.00


LED-50 - Sentina Dual LED RoadFlare

  • LED Flare that can be seen from a mile away
  • Energy Saver Super Bight LED light
  • Great Road Side Safety tool to get attention from far away
  • Bright Reflector to get extra attention
  • Perfect for Home, Auto, Outdoor

Our Price: $15.00

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